The Switch comes out in just two weeks, but thanks to an early leak, we now know some details regarding the console’s storage options. Nintendo announced that the Switch will have 32 GB of onboard storage. But how much of that space is taken up by the operating system?

According to the video, the Switch has 25.9 GB of available storage left on the device — which means that the OS is 6.1 GB in size.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 10.31.00 PM.png

One thought on “ LEAKED: Nintendo Switch’s Operating System Takes Up 6.1 GB of Storage, Leaving Only 25.9 GB for Users ”

  1. Did you notice that the video he showed, revealed informastion about the eShop? Stands there software bought there are now attached to the Nintendo Network account, rather than the system itself.


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